About The Lions Pride

Leo Alfaro Personal Trainer

The Lions Pride Fitness Health Community is more than fitness, more than health...

Founded by Pride Leader, Leo Alfaro, we are a support system, accountability partners for all, and even more so a purpose-driven community built on a passion unlike any other.

Back in 2012, Leo found himself at a fitness crossroads when he realized he was 40+ lbs overweight. Being a father of three and working hard to provide for his family in a 60+ hour work week, Leo found himself prioritizing his career over his own health and well-being. Like many, Leo sought a solution that came in the form of a 90-Day Fitness Challenge. Through hard work, a proper diet, consistent exercise, and a commitment to his goals, Leo found success! This ignited a fire in his heart and the desire to share his own personal experience with the community.

Fast forward to 2014 where Leo, like many of his fellow Santa Claritans, found himself commuting to a job that he was not fulfilled by. Deep down he knew that it was time to take a leap of faith, and shift his long-term goals in the direction of his new found love for fitness and passion to help others, which led Leo to obtaining his ISSA Personal Trainer Certification! Yet even after initiating what looked to be a very prosperous career working for an established big box gym, he realized there was still a void to be filled and there was so much more he could give to his community.

Leo's motto is "I don't do it for the income, I do it for the outcome".

That became very evident in his early years as a trainer when Leo became the originator behind a local Charity Boot Camp. It gave him the opportunity to collaborate with fellow trainers within the area to create an impact on the health and wellness beyond his own circle of clients, while also providing nutrient-rich food to Help the Children, an international hunger support charity. He quickly found the tribe that gathered to support this cause needed an ongoing community to continue their wellness practices. And, thus The Lions’ Pride Health Fitness Community was born!

The Lions Pride provides an environment unlike any other, with a positive community approach to help each other run the extra mile, break through barriers and achieve more than they thought ever possible. Every member of the Pride experiences a support system that nurtures the whole person through exercise, nutrition and creating a daily lifestyle plan that sets them up for success as an individual. Leo focuses on what he knows best, and that's realizing that fitness is a journey that is different for every single person.

Today, Leo offers a unique fitness experience utilizing several different modalities of exercise through one-on-one private training, semi-private and/or small group fitness classes where everyone's needs are attended to. The Lions Pride Fitness Community has grown and continues to grow... join us today on the journey to discover what makes the Lions Pride different! Claim your free sessions today with Leo the Lion to learn what it means to Train From The Heart and Embody The Pride.

Discover what makes the Lions Pride different today by claiming your free sessions with Leo the Lion!
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